Are you interested to enter a new market? Do you want to create a product for companies and/ or institutions? Do you want to know your personnel satisfaction or their suggestions for a more productive work environment? CURS experts and expertise can offer you the best solutions for creating the best suitable research tools and for using the most appropriate data collection method.

CURS has a master sample of companies and is able to create suitable sample customized for your needs. Whether your research objectives target the whole Romanian business environment in which case representative samples by size of the companies, economic sectors and development regions can be created or your target is a particular economic sector using our master sample, we’re able to meet your needs.

Interviews are held with many different B2B target audience from owners/managers of companies, to economic directors, IT specialist, sales managers to lawyers or journalists.

CURS has an extensive experience in conducting B2B surveys among which worth mentioning:

  • 2011 – The correlation between vocational education offer and the labour market demand (POSDRU/55/1.1/S/37932); Beneficiary: Centrul Naţional de Dezvoltare a Învăţământului Profesional şi Tehnic CNDIPT;
  • 2010 – Market research among SMEs; Beneficiary: Fondul Naţional de Garantare a Creditelor pentru Intreprinderile Mici şi Mijlocii
  • 2010 – Romanian Corporate Response to Crisis Survey, Second Round; Beneficiary: The World Bank Group