Developing a product and service requires knowledge on many aspects: price, packaging, name etc. that can be achieved through a thorough research among the target population.

Conducting a product test & research you will obtain:

  • information and ideas for defining name of the product, on how the package should be in order to meet target consumer audience’s expectations;
  • information on what makes your product unique in comparison with the products alike from other competitors, which are the strengths and weaknesses of your product against the other products;
  • information on usage habits of the consumers with the product;
  • information on customers’ switching intentions and reasons for doing so;
  • information on how to make proper changes, if needed.
  • Exit poll for the Romanian Presidential elections, firs round

    CURS has run an exit poll for the Romanian persidential election, first round. Results are as follows: Mircea Diaconu (One Man Alliance) – 8.2pct Theodor Paleologu (PMP) – 5.2pct Kelemen Hunor (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) – 4.6pct Ramona-Ioana Bruynseels (Humanist Power Party) – 2.0pct Alexandru Cumpanasu (independent) – 1.2pct Viorel Catarama (Liberal Right) –