PAPI/CAPI is the oldest and most reliable technique of data collection.

CURS has a nationwide network of over 200 field interviewers, which spans across all Romanian counties. Our interviewers are trained to work with respondents of various ethnic backgrounds from different Romanian regions.

We regularly use around 180 interviewers for projects that involve nationwide surveys on samples ranging from 1,100 to 4,000 respondents. The interviewers are highly trained individuals who have worked on complex studies and have the capacity of interviewing people from various social and ethnic backgrounds (i.e., ethnic Hungarians etc.).  The interviewers are supervised by 42 county coordinators. CURS regularly organizes training sessions for its interviewers in order to improve the quality of their work and/or to prepare them for complex surveys.

Since 2016 CURS has started to adopt CAPI data collection technique (data collection using tablets) in order to digitalize and to increase the quality of the process of data collection.

Quality control of data collection is conducted for each survey and consists in back-checking of around 20% of the interviews carried out and interviewers involved in the survey. The quality control is conducted over the phone, in field and by checking the GPS coordinates, when tablets are employed.

  • Exit poll for the Romanian Presidential elections, firs round

    CURS has run an exit poll for the Romanian persidential election, first round. Results are as follows: Mircea Diaconu (One Man Alliance) – 8.2pct Theodor Paleologu (PMP) – 5.2pct Kelemen Hunor (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) – 4.6pct Ramona-Ioana Bruynseels (Humanist Power Party) – 2.0pct Alexandru Cumpanasu (independent) – 1.2pct Viorel Catarama (Liberal Right) –