• Exit poll for the Romanian Presidential elections, firs round

    CURS has run an exit poll for the Romanian persidential election, first round. Results are as follows: Mircea Diaconu (One Man Alliance) – 8.2pct Theodor Paleologu (PMP) – 5.2pct Kelemen Hunor (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) – 4.6pct Ramona-Ioana Bruynseels (Humanist Power Party) – 2.0pct Alexandru Cumpanasu (independent) – 1.2pct Viorel Catarama (Liberal Right) –

  • National Poll April 2019

    The Center for Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS) has published an opinion poll conducted on a random, multistage, stratified sample of 1500 respondents. The results are representative for the adult population in Romania, 18 y.o. and older. The maximum statistical error within the whole sample is 2.5% within a confidence level of 95%. Data was

  • GEMM 2020

    The GEMM Project is founded by the European Commission under the HORIZON 2020 programme. This project addresses the challenges and barriers that European countries face in managing the mobility of persons to realize competitiveness and growth. For markets to function optimally, we identify two migration-related drivers of growth: the efficient use of existing human capital

  • Evolution of public debt and other financial indicators

    To help clarify the debate on public debt in Romania and other related topics, CURS has produced a series of graphics on the evolution of some financial indicators. One of the most interesting observations is that, depending on the figures they choose, both the Power and the Opposition can be correct while contradicting each other.

  • CURS Survey – How do Romanians use public transportation?

    A survey conducted by the Center for Urban and Regional Sociology – CURS shows the very different habits of Romanians in terms of urban transport. The sociological survey, conducted in March, targets the adult population in Bucharest and the county residences. According to survey data, the availability of public transportation encourages citizens to use them.