Scientific performance

CURS’ research topics include: social change and development; civic and political participation; perceptions of and attitudes towards current economic, political, and social changes; interethnic relations; media and cultural consumption; feasibility studies, consumer behavior and product testing; evaluation of advertising strategies. CURS has extensive experience in conducting ad-hoc and omnibus surveys, media and market research, pre-electoral and exit-polls. Over the years, as compared to some of its major competitors, CURS has predicted the results of local, parliamentary, and presidential elections with the highest degree of accuracy.


Quantitative surveys

Most of CURS’ have relied on national samples, which are representative for Romania’s population, ages 18 years and over. CURS has also designed and conducted surveys on nationally representative samples for the Republic of Moldova. CURS uses multistage, probabilistic sampling techniques.


CURS is unique among its domestic competitors due to its extensive experience in conducting surveys on large samples, reaching 35,000 and 37,000 cases. Such samples are representative at municipality, county, regional, and national levels.


CURS also has extensive experience in conducting studies that rely on qualitative methodologies. For instance, during the last 3 years, CURS’ experts have conducted 250 focus groups and 400 in-depth interviews on topics such as the performance of (local and central) public administration; political attitudes and voting preferences; the social impact of economic restructuring in coal-mining areas; the impact evaluation of the Program for soil and water diminishing pollution with nitrates; media consumption; consumer preferences and behaviors; international migration; inter-ethnic relations; corporate cultures and strategies; civic participation.


CURS’ permanent staff (sociologists, statisticians) consists of specialists with a solid knowledge of Romanian realities, with intensive and varied experience in the field of interdisciplinary research. Some of CURS’ permanent staff holds Ph.D. degrees. Moreover, CURS worked with a vast network of experts that includes respected Romanian academics and civil society leaders. In addition to its permanent staff, CURS has a national network of over 800 field interviewers, which spans across all Romanian counties. On a regular basis, we employ 150 – 200 interviewers, who are supervised by 8 regional and 42 county-level coordinators. Our interviewers are trained to work with respondents of various ethnic backgrounds from different Romanian regions.


This list is not exhaustive. Contractual obligations prevent us from disclosing the identity of many other customers.


Foreign Organizations

United States Information Agency (USIA), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank (WB), the European Union’s PHARE and SAPARD Programs, International Organization for Migration (IOM), International Republican Institute (IRI), Project on Ethnic Relations (PER), World Vision, Management Systems International.


Domestic Non-Governmental Organizations

Open Society Foundation – Romania, Soros Foundation Moldova, Civil Society Development Foundation, Romanian Academic Society (SAR), CONCEPT Foundation, the Society for Contraceptive and Sexual Education (SECS).


Domestic Public Institution

The Romanian Presidency, the Romanian Government, the Ministry of Research and Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Organization, the National Agency for Development and Implementation of Reconstruction Programs in Coal-Mining Regions, the Authority for the Evaluation of State Assets (AVAS), the National Council for Audio-Visual Affairs (CNA). Ministry of Waters and Forests etc.



TV and Radio Stations: The National Public Television (TVR), ProTV, Antena 1, Prima TV, Realitatea TV, Antena 3, Pro FM.

Newspapers and Magazines: Adevarul, Jurnalul National, Libertatea, Ziua, Saptamina Financiara.,


Advertising Companies

Lowe Lintas, Initiative Media, Finmedia, Plus Advertising, Monopoly International, C&C Advertising.


Other Private Companies

British-American Tobacco, Phillip Morris, Media Consulta International, Omega Prodinvest, RomAmerica, The Mellman Group (USA), Benenson Strategy Group (BSGO-USA), TNS – Opinion (Belgium).

  • Exit poll for the Romanian Presidential elections, firs round

    CURS has run an exit poll for the Romanian persidential election, first round. Results are as follows: Mircea Diaconu (One Man Alliance) – 8.2pct Theodor Paleologu (PMP) – 5.2pct Kelemen Hunor (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) – 4.6pct Ramona-Ioana Bruynseels (Humanist Power Party) – 2.0pct Alexandru Cumpanasu (independent) – 1.2pct Viorel Catarama (Liberal Right) –